Kelly Jones and Mike Viola at Old Style

March 13, 2011

I love this song. It seems these days that the only shows I go see are at Reuben Cox’s little guitar shop in Silver Lake called Old Style. Here’s another video from back in December of 2010 that I just have to share.


Alexi Murdoch plays “All My Days” at in-store at Old Style

March 13, 2011

Got to see another great show at my buddy Reuben Cox’s awesome guitar shop in Silver Lake last night. Here’s a video I took with my iPhone after the 40 or so folks who came to see the show went home. There were about 5 of us in the shop when I took this video of him performing his most requested tune, “All My Days”:


826LA’s Chickens in Love–now with Thao Nguyen!

February 26, 2010

CHICKENS IN LOVE is an online pledge-a-thon fundraiser, full-length album, and a mini music festival.

From now through April 30, 2010, make a monetary pledge to your favorite original 826LA student song in our online pledge-a-thon fundraiser. Each song was written by 826LA students in Songwriting with The Submarines, a workshop led by singer/songwriters John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard of The Submarines. Not only that, but each student-written song has been covered by L.A. based artists such as Fiona Apple, She & Him, Cold War Kids, Tim & Eric, and many more!

Choose from student bands Hot Fudge, Pig Power, The Gummy Bears, The Peeps, The Shaking Churros, The Taco Shells, Kimi, Shizuku, and Xena, Jennifer Lopez, SLAP ENT., The 826LA Band 1, The 826LA Band 2, and The Weirdoz.

Help keep our free programs for L.A. youth strong with just a few clicks! Pledge as often and for as many bands and/or songs as you like! The most popular student song will be awarded the 826LA Gold Record!


Le Switch announces the release of their debut LP, “And Now…Le Switch” from Autumn Tone Records.

September 24, 2008
The band’s debut LP, “And Now… Le Switch,” is being released September 30th, 2008 on Autumn Tone Records, the label-arm of popular music blog An Aquarium Drunkard.  “And Now… Le Switch” was produced and mixed by drummer Joe Napolitano – with additional mixing conducted by head Radar Brother, Jim Putnam. The record is sure to bring to mind early-1970’s records like Ram, Nilsson Schmilsson, Muswell Hillbillies and  Leon Russell’s Carney mixed with contemporaries such as Dr. Dog. The new record puts the lyrical intensity of signer Aaron Kyle against the backdrop of the band’s well-drawn arrangements.  At times the lyrics are even sensitive and longing – but the beer and bourbon still soak the sound.

The band’s self-released debut EP, “Hello Today,” came out in early 2007. Soon, Eastside Angelinos couldn’t escape them – they played shows pretty much every week at The Echo, Spaceland, Little Radio, Silverlake Lounge, El Cid, El Rey, The Scene and the Viper Room. Those gigs led to live appearances on KXLU and Sirius Satellite Radio as well as airplay on Indie 103.1 FM and KROQ 106.7. Local bloggers like Aquarium Drunkard, LAist, You Set the Scene, Radio Free Silver Lake, Amateur Chemist, Rock Insider and Passion of the Weiss praised their EP and their passionate live performances. They all lauded the band, but couldn’t decide if Kyle’s voice was more “raspy” or “whiskey-soaked?” One even worried that Kyle might someday sing so hard that his uvula would explode. It hasn’t yet, but the old debates will surely reignite upon listening to And Now…Le Switch.

Le Switch : Tonguetied

Le Switch : Living in Another World


MC Rut at the Rickshaw, San Francisco 7/22/08

July 25, 2008

You can’t get any louder than Middle Class Rut aka MC Rut. They don’t deal with sound guys, especially those that don’t set up monitors properly. They just turn it up so that they can hear themselves. Add to that: no earplugs. Hard core.

These guys hail from Sacramento, but you’d think they were from Los Angeles or Colombia because the angst they expel is ferocious. Lead singer Zack Lopez doesn’t sing, he roars. Painful roaring. His voice, at times melodic and pop circa early 90’s Perry Farrell, but when he’s on fire he rages like another Zack, a de la Rocha. Drummer Sean Stockham first appears as the sadistic one–a ‘for sale’ sign painted or tattooed on his chest–and later pummels his drums to prove he’s not going for cheap. Is it angst I witnessed or was it pure passion? I don’t know, but their delivery was impressive and the often mellow San Franciscans in the crowd loved and feared them.

Listen to ’em here. Quantcast


Things I’ve Heard Lately

June 28, 2008

I have nothing exciting to say about these tracks except that they’ve grown on me. El Perro Del Mar is very catchy, subtle, simple, comforting. I like that Sarah Assbring, the persona behind El Perro, has such a bold name. It can’t be her real name. How many pseudonym’s can an artist have? 

Lykke Li ‘s music seems to follow the same simplicity that makes El Perro’s sound so appealing. Makes sense that they’re currently touring together. There’s something almost tribal about their music. Wonder if their live shows will feature an ensemble of strings. I don’t think there’ll be much dancing. Or maybe a new kind of dance will emerge?

Ed Harcourt‘s got an interesting thing going. He’s a bit Rufus Wainright, a bit Cold Play, and a bit pretty. I like that his freebie track below gives a shout out to prostitutes, taxis, and Marxists. Now that’s bold lyricism. Do the kids even know who Marx was anymore? 

And what about You, Me and Iowa you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, it’s simple: They seem to be having lots of fun with their music. And isn’t that how it should be? Why even write a song if you’re not feeling it? I think these folks are feeling it. Now you feel it. Listen below.

Lykke Li : Dance, Dance, Dance
El Perro Del Mar : Glory to the World
You, Me and Iowa : Dress the Stage
Ed Harcourt : Revolution of the Heart


Hello Tokyo : Sell The Stars

June 28, 2008

hello tokyoWhenever I hear the word “hello” followed by a city’s name, I am reminded of the “Hello Cleveland!” scene from This Is Spinal Tap. Who doesn’t, really?

Hello Tokyo is nothing like that. They’re a cool power trio from Brooklyn led by a singer/ keyboardist named Kat who’s voice I’d also describe as “cool.” Their songs are crisp and upbeat, and I’d bet they put on a good show. Guitarist John and drummer Sam (no last names given in the liner notes, and those given on their MySpace page are fake) round out the lineup ably, but for me it’s definitely Kat’s show. Her voice is a nice blend of a furious Corrin Tucker and a sultry Debbie Harry– and at times, Jeff Buckley.

Of course, just because Kat steals the show doesn’t mean that Hello Tokyo is a synth band– they’re not. Songs oscillate between power- chord Pixies rock and syncopated U2- style atmospherics. The best track on the record for me is “The Affair,” and I look forward to them coming to San Francisco.

Hello Tokyo website
Hello Tokyo on Myspace

Words by Lee