tHe bLAck RideR

Last night I went to the final weekend performance of The Black Rider
at the American Conservatory Theatre
in San Francisco.  I paid $35 bucks
for balcony seats that were made at a time when people must have been
five foot two (it was a tight squeeze).  The show was a treat, not
spectacular, but a treat of Tim Burtonesque special
effects with a goulish, anime cast resembling an Adam’s Family/Dr.
Seuss mutation.  Marianne Faithfull played the lead role and was the
main draw, but her performance was a bit mediocre (aside from her well
torn, aged vocals).  The show is based on a story by William
, a stage production by Robert Wilson and a musical score by none
other than Tom Wait’s.  In fact, I’d forgotten I owned the
Black Rider album until I recognized some of the melodies sung by a
strong cast of accomplished actors.  The story is based on that
recurring Burroughs theme of addiction and the William Tell fiasco
that, in real life, resulted in the death of his wife. 

Here’s a Black Rider live recording I found on line:
I’ll Shoot the Moon