The Occasion

It’s cold and overcast today in San Francisco.  Healing from my
sake hangover will take some time. It’s the perfect day to listen to
The Occasion.  Their self-titled album is out on the label
Say Hey Records from NYC.  They’re a five piece including piano and a tape
looper.  Their sound is reminiscent of Low with hints of Velvet Underground and Mellow Drunk
If you are recovering from a heroin addiction, you may want to be
careful when listening to The Occassion.   Their blend of
piano, filler tambourine, soft but booming bass with a twang of subtle
atmospheric loops in the background can alter your state of mind
(without the
heroin).  The final tune, Annika
is a haunting trance of sonic devastation that deviates from the mood
of the rest of the album, but doesn’t disappoint.  For those of
you in NY you can catch them live Friday DEC. 10th @Southpaw, Brooklyn NY w/Radio 4 and Saturday JAN. 8th @Sin-e,
w/ Psychic Ills, Dirty Rainbow and Mike Wexler.  Check out some of
the mp3’s they make available on their website below. 

The Occasion : A Dulcimer’s Fancy
The Occasion : Smoke & Mirrors
The Occasion : The Deserters
The Occasion : I Can’t Stop Falling
The Occasion : The Midwife