The Mother of all “Essential Albums” lists up to 2009!

Someone sent me this list today by a
person called James Cooper who has compiled a ‘best of’ list up to the
year 2009!  I agree with most of his calls for the years I’ve
lived thus far, that is, up to today (except for the exclusion of Wilco‘s “A Ghost is Born”).   I am very much looking forwad to future bands such as The Slide Projectors and to the release of Bright EyesWild Eyed and Stagnant
in 2009.  Oh, and I hope Waits makes it to 2009, but  maybe
he should start working on musicals with Elton & Billy. 
Here’s a sample of 2009:

  1. Jeff Koons – Bubbles Bbles
  2. Fiber Optics – The Fiber Optics
  3. Brother Danielson – Encircle Your Brothers, Fold Twice
  4. Stars and Sons – Are We Floating Yet?
  5. Tom Waits – Raw Deal
  6. Darcy Binewski – I See A Lot of Me In You
  7. Nizzie Ahola – Awwww Shitt
  8. Junior Boys – Factory Tour
  9. The Slide Projectors – OK Broken
  10. Wrens – The New Deal
Go here for the full list.