Ode to Japan

For the past week I’ve been in a little town called Kyodo, part of a
larger district named Setagaya which is part of a larger city called
Tokyo.  It’s my third time here so it seems more like central
Jersey than a nation steeped in Samurai history.  My wife was
born here and becomes more Japanese when we visit.  Japan is an obsessive-compulsive disorder of
perfect service and exaggerated design.  The beauty of Japanese culture is
its respect for order and pragmatism.  Nothing is
wasted here. 

The other day my wife and I attended a 5, 6, 7, 8’s
show at the Shelter in Shimokitazawa.  The lead singer was
amazing and shatters any stereotypes of Japanese femininity you may have from reading cutesy manga. 

Here’s a bento box mix for you:
5, 6, 7, 8’s : Various tunes by way of Real Player
Nobukazu Takemura : Cogwheel
Cornelius : Point of Viewpoint
Buffalo Daughter : Five Minutes
Cibo Matto : Birthday Cake
Electric Eel Shock : Rock & Roll Can Rescue the World

Takako Minekawa : Various