Strangers Die Every Day : Aperture For Departure

When I read, in the accompanying press release for Portland’s Strangers Die Every Day‘s debut album, that they had previously opened up for Thurston Moore, I was immediately seized by an intuition telling me that I was not going to like this album at all. I saw Thurston (one of my absolute all- time musical heroes) at the Great American Music Hall back in October and the group (not SDED) that opened for him… well, suffice it to say they just weren’t my thing* and I was afraid it was going to be more of the same here.

I was so heartened to be wrong. “Aperture For Departure” is a cool record, something I’d much sooner classify as left- field chamber music than I would Indie Rock.  It’s entirely instrumental, and some of the tracks don’t even incorporate a drummer– and for a guy who spends just as much time these days listening to Gershwin and Glenn Gould as he does Gogol Bordello and Grizzly Bear, that’s a welcome thing.

Fans of Tortoise and Godspeed You! Black Emperor will really enjoy “Aperture.”  In fact, I’d just about recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of both “Rite Of Spring” and “Real Emotional Trash” in their same- day repertoire.  2 out of 3 stars.

Available on the This Generation Tapes label. 

*Think Yoko Ono meets “Metal Music Machine.” Even though I had recently (and quite begrudgingly) quit smoking cigarettes after almost twenty years– and the cravings were still killing me– I boycotted their set and stood outside with the smokers until it was over.

Words by Lee