Things I’ve Heard Lately

I have nothing exciting to say about these tracks except that they’ve grown on me. El Perro Del Mar is very catchy, subtle, simple, comforting. I like that Sarah Assbring, the persona behind El Perro, has such a bold name. It can’t be her real name. How many pseudonym’s can an artist have? 

Lykke Li ‘s music seems to follow the same simplicity that makes El Perro’s sound so appealing. Makes sense that they’re currently touring together. There’s something almost tribal about their music. Wonder if their live shows will feature an ensemble of strings. I don’t think there’ll be much dancing. Or maybe a new kind of dance will emerge?

Ed Harcourt‘s got an interesting thing going. He’s a bit Rufus Wainright, a bit Cold Play, and a bit pretty. I like that his freebie track below gives a shout out to prostitutes, taxis, and Marxists. Now that’s bold lyricism. Do the kids even know who Marx was anymore? 

And what about You, Me and Iowa you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, it’s simple: They seem to be having lots of fun with their music. And isn’t that how it should be? Why even write a song if you’re not feeling it? I think these folks are feeling it. Now you feel it. Listen below.

Lykke Li : Dance, Dance, Dance
El Perro Del Mar : Glory to the World
You, Me and Iowa : Dress the Stage
Ed Harcourt : Revolution of the Heart

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