MC Rut at the Rickshaw, San Francisco 7/22/08

You can’t get any louder than Middle Class Rut aka MC Rut. They don’t deal with sound guys, especially those that don’t set up monitors properly. They just turn it up so that they can hear themselves. Add to that: no earplugs. Hard core.

These guys hail from Sacramento, but you’d think they were from Los Angeles or Colombia because the angst they expel is ferocious. Lead singer Zack Lopez doesn’t sing, he roars. Painful roaring. His voice, at times melodic and pop circa early 90’s Perry Farrell, but when he’s on fire he rages like another Zack, a de la Rocha. Drummer Sean Stockham first appears as the sadistic one–a ‘for sale’ sign painted or tattooed on his chest–and later pummels his drums to prove he’s not going for cheap. Is it angst I witnessed or was it pure passion? I don’t know, but their delivery was impressive and the often mellow San Franciscans in the crowd loved and feared them.

Listen to ’em here. Quantcast

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ben L says:

    Hey Joel Arquillos,

    Are you still are 826? Want to tell me all about it? 🙂


  2. Wes Fairy Frere says:

    I fuckin love you guys so much. Im your biggest gay fan. Please send me picks of your poop. That would be rightous shit my nigs.

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