Le Switch announces the release of their debut LP, “And Now…Le Switch” from Autumn Tone Records.

The band’s debut LP, “And Now… Le Switch,” is being released September 30th, 2008 on Autumn Tone Records, the label-arm of popular music blog An Aquarium Drunkard.  “And Now… Le Switch” was produced and mixed by drummer Joe Napolitano – with additional mixing conducted by head Radar Brother, Jim Putnam. The record is sure to bring to mind early-1970’s records like Ram, Nilsson Schmilsson, Muswell Hillbillies and  Leon Russell’s Carney mixed with contemporaries such as Dr. Dog. The new record puts the lyrical intensity of signer Aaron Kyle against the backdrop of the band’s well-drawn arrangements.  At times the lyrics are even sensitive and longing – but the beer and bourbon still soak the sound.

The band’s self-released debut EP, “Hello Today,” came out in early 2007. Soon, Eastside Angelinos couldn’t escape them – they played shows pretty much every week at The Echo, Spaceland, Little Radio, Silverlake Lounge, El Cid, El Rey, The Scene and the Viper Room. Those gigs led to live appearances on KXLU and Sirius Satellite Radio as well as airplay on Indie 103.1 FM and KROQ 106.7. Local bloggers like Aquarium Drunkard, LAist, You Set the Scene, Radio Free Silver Lake, Amateur Chemist, Rock Insider and Passion of the Weiss praised their EP and their passionate live performances. They all lauded the band, but couldn’t decide if Kyle’s voice was more “raspy” or “whiskey-soaked?” One even worried that Kyle might someday sing so hard that his uvula would explode. It hasn’t yet, but the old debates will surely reignite upon listening to And Now…Le Switch.

Le Switch : Tonguetied

Le Switch : Living in Another World

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  1. Nice tracks and good rhythm. Sounds 70’s songs Reborn with new touch. Excellent tones and chords were absolutely refreshing. reminded me of my DAD’s old records.

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