826LA’s Chickens in Love–now with Thao Nguyen!

CHICKENS IN LOVE is an online pledge-a-thon fundraiser, full-length album, and a mini music festival.

From now through April 30, 2010, make a monetary pledge to your favorite original 826LA student song in our online pledge-a-thon fundraiser. Each song was written by 826LA students in Songwriting with The Submarines, a workshop led by singer/songwriters John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard of The Submarines. Not only that, but each student-written song has been covered by L.A. based artists such as Fiona Apple, She & Him, Cold War Kids, Tim & Eric, and many more!

Choose from student bands Hot Fudge, Pig Power, The Gummy Bears, The Peeps, The Shaking Churros, The Taco Shells, Kimi, Shizuku, and Xena, Jennifer Lopez, SLAP ENT., The 826LA Band 1, The 826LA Band 2, and The Weirdoz.

Help keep our free programs for L.A. youth strong with just a few clicks! Pledge as often and for as many bands and/or songs as you like! The most popular student song will be awarded the 826LA Gold Record!

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