Parsa–“Cupid’s Trick”

I am in love with Adriana. She lives with her boyfriend Julian. Julian
is a grad student studying english. I am studying law and I got to know
Adriana at the bookstore in which we work at. Actually, I work in the
record shop that is attached to the bookstore which is attached to a
cafÈ. Yuppie triple-threat is what I call it.

ëYou like fantasy novels, huh.í She frowns.

I did, but I had stopped reading them because they were no longer
satisfying. As far as my own work was concerned I was lost in my
writings, unable to write beyond the cyclical sameness of morbid ideas.
I was a doer without anything done.

She had asked me if I had anything she could read of mine. What
caught her attention was a story I had of an invitation to a mÈnage a
trois. A pathetic story at best but we discovered it was one in which
she was a 1st hand viewer.

Adriana looks at me with one eye open.

ëI remember them..and you. You had just started working at the music
store. I was sitting in the cafÈ that night, I was starving. Didnít you
sit down at the table by the door?í

ëYeah, that was me, us. So we sit down and next thing I know he gets up
and orders some food from the cafÈ. I was like, this fucking sucks, I
eat here everyday, you know, cuz I thought theyíd be taking me out to
dinner or something. While he went to orderÖí

ëWhy were you with them in the first place.í

ëWell, we talked about music and they seemed interested in what I knew
about rock ní roll so they asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner
and I was like, okay; free meal.í

Adrianaís eyes are shining. She says,

ëÖdidnít the woman get up and sit on your side of the table when he went to order?í

ëYeah, and she pulls out this book she bought. It was..í

ÖRolling Stoneís History of ROCK and ROLL volume 1. I sold it to her.í

ëHuh, And she wanted me to explain some of the bands and their history.
Meanwhile her husband comes back and sits next to me on the other side.
Heís got the vegetarian chili, which I hate, and cornbread. His wife
leans over me and sheís says, excuse me, in my ear and grabs a piece of
cornbread. Sheís licking her lips like a white trash porn star. ë

ëThatís redundant.í


ëWhite trash porn star.í

ëIíll be sure to make a note of that.í

ëShe was attractiveÖí

ëYeah, she was attractive, but she was like 20 years older than me. So
attractive at 40 doesnít necessarily mean attractive. It just means
attractive at 40. ë


ëYes, anyways, all of us are going through the book and we get to Led
Zeppelin. In the book they have the article in which someone in the
band talks about hiring a bunch of whores and how they fucked a chick
using some fish or a shark or something.í

ëA shark, wasnít it?í

ëI donít know remember exactly.í

ëA lobster?í

ëShut up. So, whatever it was, the wife says, wow, have you ever had a
fantasy like that. Then her husband choruses in, yeah, what type of
fantasies do you have?

ëI donít believe you.í


ëYou mean you had no idea? My guess is you knew and you wanted to fuck
them, or at least her, but you chickened out when it got too hot.í

ëAnyways, so she keeps getting pieces of cornbreadÖí

ëSo do you think of 40 year old breasts when you eat cornbread now?í

ëÖ.while he keeps wanting to high five me about everything.í

ëWere do you think he got the high five thing?í

ëI donít know. It was totally out of his demeanor. I think he figured
he was being hip or something by doing that, you know, kickiní it to
the curbs with his fellow cracker. So, wait, back to their question
about my fantasies, so they asked and Iím like, I donít know. And they
were like, wellÖwe got one.í

ëThat must have been when she put her hand on your leg.í

ëIt wasnít my leg that she was grabbing.í

Adriana laughs her giggle.

ëIíve never seen anyone jump so high in my life. And your face was so red. That the first time I really noticed you.í

ëReally? Well I guess something good did come out of that situation.í

Adriana smiles puts her hand on my head and grabs a handful of hair.

ëYou know, youíd make an okay boyfriend.í

My heart drops. I growl.

ëItís too bad you already have one.í

She winces and says in a low voice, ëYeah, itís too bad.í