Pilot the Morning Fall . . . Digital Press Kit

At a time when garage space is at a premium and internet space is at an
all time low, it’s easy to understand why musicians like Pilot the Morning Fall prefer the rental
rates of online digital space.

Farhad Parsa
resides in a miniature space on the lower east side of
Manhattan where his gear lives more comfortably than he does.  Joel Arquillos is
a bit more fortunate when space is concerned, but because he resides in San Francisco
he has no place to practice.  So what have these two artists
chosen to do?  They’ve chosen creation at a distance.

Here’s how it works:  Somehow, in between Farhad’s life as
a photographer, film maker and composer, he sits down with his guitar,
keyboard, dulcimer, stuffed rabbit and lays down some dirty
tracks.  He then e-mails them to Joel who has to stop teaching his
high school students to listen.  Joel usually digs it and rushes
home on his bicycle and loads the tracks onto his laptop, opens up MS
Word and starts verbalizing his vocalizations.  After a few hours of this he
begins to create his own vocal tracks.  What results is
the following ‘ep’ out on 4F Records:


(Mixed and Mastered by J P Greco)
Songs for Dead Friends

If you decide to say something about our music on your digital
space, please only include the tracks named June and December
The album is available for purchase at 4F Records